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Pulse Oximeters

Model :  EMSONYX9550
The Onyx® II 9550 finger pulse oximeter provides fast, clinically proven Sp02 and pulse rate readings in the widest range of patients and settings for accuracy you can act on. The Onyx II 9550 is reliable and durable in the most demanding environments and has US Army and U.S. Military Airworthiness Certifications for use in helicopters.

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Model :  EMSADC2200
A portable finger tip pulse oximeter ideally suited for home, sport, or aviation use.
• Reads SPO2 and Pulse Rate
• Accuracy: SPO2 ±2% / HR ±5%BPM
• 2 changeable display modes
• Bright red LED display

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Model :  EMS82311

One of the smallest handheld oximeters available, Datex-Ohmeda's TuffSat is the ideal spot-check solution for hospital, home care, transport, and EMS. TuffSat comes fully loaded with standard features. TuffSat is water-resistant for optimal protection in all conditions.

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Model :  EMS67172

The Digit® Finger Oximeter delivers fast, reliable oximetry in an extremely handy, pocketsize solution by combining the monitor and sensor into one unit. While it's small in size, Digit® is big on performance, providing SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements on patients from pediatric to adult. This affordable, non-invasive device offers the convenience clinicians appreciate in EMS, hospital or clinical environments, as well as home use.

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